VW Tiguan Roof Box : No Clamps No Bars No Brackets No Hassle


VW Tiguan roof box alternative £98.95 or £159.95

If you are looking to increase the luggage capacity of your VW Tiguan but don't want the hassle or expense of roof bars and a roof box, we have the answer. Hatch-bags add 125 litres of extra storage space increasing the luggage capacity of the Volkswagen Tiguan by 25%

We sell the complete system for £159.95 or if you have a suitcase or waterproof bag that will fit the rack you can just purchase the frame for £98.95 and use your own luggage.

Hatch-bag only fits the second generation Tiguan launched in 2016 as the first generation does not have a lip on top of the rear bumper to rest the base of the frame on.

Why a hatch-bag VW Tiguan roof box alternative ?

  • No clamps, hooks, or clips to damage paint
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Supplied assembled just fold out and fit
  • Capable of carrying a 20kg load
  • Easy to load and unload, no ladder required
  • Can be totally removed in under 3 minutes when you reach your destination
  • Universal design change the car not the rack
  • Fits any car with more than 70cm between the rear lights and a 5cm deep flat lip on top of the bumper
  • Hand made in Buckinghamshire
  • Weatherproof design
  • 5-10% more fuel efficient than a drag inducing roof box
  • Supplied with reg plate holder & light if bag obscures reg ( battery operated no wiring required )
  • Cheaper ferry crossings as car height not increased
  • Use your own case, frame base measures 70x30cm max suggested case height 70cm
  • Hatch-bag measures 70cm wide, 30cm deep & 60cm tall


boot-bag group makers of the hatch-bag car roof box Hatch-bag is a boot-bag group product.

All our products are designed, engineered and made in the UK. Since 2008 we have been manufacturing the boot-bag luggage bag for convertibles and saloons, the hatch-bag VW Tiguan roof box alternative joined the range in mid 2016 after 12 months of testing and development.




vw tiguan roof box

Hatch-bag VW Tiguan Roof Box

vw tiguan roof box hatchbag

Folds Flat to store, easy to load.

vw tiguan roof box hatchbag

If you have your own waterproof luggage just purchase the frame


More luggage space without the hassle of fitting roof bars, or loading a roof box

hatch-bag is a universal waterproof luggage bag system that attaches to the tailgate of most estates,hatches, and people carriers.

How the hatch-bag VW Tiguan roof box alternative works.

Six simple steps, no tools, no clamps, no brackets, no hassle

vw golf tiguan box fitting stage 1

Stage 1


Layout the 6 straps with the hatch huggers inside the boot 


vw tiguan roof box fitting stage 2

Stage 2


Shut the boot and pull the straps tight 


vw golf roof box fitting stage 3

Stage 3


Place the hatch-bag frame on the bumper and secure.

vw tiguan roof box fitting stage 4

Stage 4


Position rear foam section on frame to ensure rack is proud of paintwork, this section can be rotated and moved up and down the frame.

vw tiguan roof box fitting stage 5

Stage 5


Pull straps tight and tie off


vw tiguan roof box fitting stage 6

Stage 6


Secure bag to rack and attach reg plate in holder provided if bag obscures plate.